REI Evrgrn Rocker

REI evrgrn line camp rocker price cost

REI has announced a new line of outdoor products aimed at the casual outdoor enthusiast, the people who are more likely to consider the patio or roof deck ‘the outdoors’ than a 14 day backpacking trip in the Wind River range. Both sound pretty good to me, and I think that’s true for a lot of people. Despite the name ‘evrgrn’ that strikes me as trying too hard to appeal to the mobile text millenial demographic, the line looks like it will be pretty awesome.

The first product being released to members only is the Rocker, which is essentially a sling chair with a rocker base. Who doesn’t want that? It would be welcome at any fire pit you could find me at. It comes in multiple colors and is $99, which doesn’t seem like a deal or overly expensive.

Other products coming later this month include a comfy looking hammock and a super cool outdoor snuggie-like contraption they are calling the crash sack. It’s essentially a sleeping bag with arm holes and a hood that lets your feet out so you can actually wear it around camp.

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