Range Travellr Leather Dopp Kit

Dopp kits are all over the place these days. Most suck. This one doesn’t. It rocks. There’s no wifi connectivity, no companion app, no fancy extra pockets, yada yada. The Travellr¬†Dopp Kit from Range Leather is a classic full grain leather bag with a hefty zipper that will outlast your need to shave. It’s 10 in. long, 5 in. tall, and 6 in. wide, which is plenty to stash all your stuff. If you put beard oil in it though, I’m going to come to your place and take the bag from you. Back it now on kickstarter for $100 and rest easy with their lifetime guarantee. There’s also a safety razor shield and accessory pouch made from the same full grain leather that lasts forever.

Get it.