Quiet Punch

It’s so easy to NOT be in good health so it always makes me happy to see products hit the market that help make it easier for us to make smart lifestyle choices. Even better when those products allow us to take our fitness with us wherever we may be. We train hard for vacations and then while there just slack off because we don’t have our usual equipment with us (or maybe that’s just me). Quiet Punch is one of those products that are designed to make our lives easier. Use it at home – learn it, love it. Then when you hit the road for business or pleasure, take it with you so you can keep your good habits in motion.

Quiet Punch is very easy to set up in 28″ – 36″ doorways. Your $125 purchase includes instructional guides and videos as well as use of the companion app so you can download those videos. You also get a phone clip so you can attach it to the Quiet Punch and can easily watch and follow the videos (or stream music or your favorite show) while you burn the calories and prepare for a day of day drinking and street tacos in Mexico.

Get it.