Quickey Keychain Tool Price Cost

Move over Gerber Shard, you’ve jabbed me in the leg for the last time. I’m liking the multiple options lately for a slim key chain tool that fits right in with the rest of your keys, like the Porter and SOG key knives. What’s nice about the Quickey from Trident Design is that it isn’t actually a bladed tool, so you can keep it on the key chain when you’re flying, so Trident says. It has a file, serrated edge, scoring point, #2 flat head driver and of course a bottle opener. This is all packed into a piece of 304 stainless steel that is no bigger than a regular key and keeps the same flat thin profile so ti isn’t likely to get caught up and jab you. There’s no wait on this because the wildly successful crowdfunding campaign has ended and you can order your $9 Quickey today. You can even pay $15 and get it with a skull head because…skulls.

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