Puna & Crane Multi-Tool

This is a fun multi-tool from 3COIL that has a few different aspects going on. First, there is the Puna multi-tool that features a tiny, flexible and tough blade that is perfect for everyday carry. It also features a key-chain stock, bottle opener, micro screwdriver and screwdriver bits for a flat head. It comes in a very unique gun shape but is easy and fun to disassemble. Then there is the Crane knife that also tiny but extraordinarily useful and will quickly become your go-to. It’s the smallest folding scalpel on the market and uses No.11 scalpel blades which you can get just about anywhere. That means you can travel with the Puna & Crane without bringing blades on the plane and buy new ones when you land. I think the icing on the cake is the limited presentation case it all comes in. It’s about the size of a credit card and can actually hold up to 6 credit cards or 20 business cards. A pledge of $45 gets you the Puna, Crane and presentation kit. Lots more details to share so check out their very well done campaign.

Get it.