PowerDolphin Marine Drone

The PowerDolphin Marine Drone by PowerVision is one of those revolutionary technologies that can do so much – I’m seriously in awe. For starters, you get a futuristic-looking marine drone with a 4K HD camera paired with 1080P high res live video stream – both with a 1000 meter remote control range. The camera has a 215° dual-joint rotation camera so you can capture above and underwater shooting easily. Not only can it keep up with whatever water sport you’re participating it, but it can also keep up with the fish you’re trying to catch. You can hook bait to the drone and drop it at your desired location or secure it in the bait container then watch the whole situation unfold. Another surprising feature is the ability to hook things to the tow line like life jackets or supplies – really, a well thought out feature. And finally, you can upgrade your marine drone with a sonar. Mind. Blown. A $750 price tag doesn’t seem too bad here. Check out the details then enjoy when it arrives!

Get it.