Ploota Water Air Bag

I don’t care how many times I hear people say you reach a state of euphoria at the end of drowning. I don’t want to go out like that. And yet, I spend a lot of time in the water. That’s why the Ploot water safety device appeals to me. It’s a neck-worn device that senses when you’re under water for too long. It then inflates two airbags on either side of your head bringing you to the surface with your face unobstructed and clear of the water. It can also be manually deployed if you know you’re going to need it. This isn’t necessary or practical for chilling at the pool or surfing knee high longboard sessions in a full lineup practically on shore, but I’ve thought to myself more than once when on long SUP paddles in the ocean or biggish breaks when I’m by myself that something could go wrong. This starts to make a lot of sense considering those possibilities. Now think about people who aren’t strong swimmers and the use scenarios multiply quickly. You can get one with an early bird pledge of about $71 on kickstarter.

Get it.