Peak Rider Mountain Bike Carrier

Peak Rider Mountain Bike Backpack Carrier Price

When most people run into a section of trail on their mountain bike that they have to walk, it’s next to the bike in shame as someone pedals past you with ease. For those of you venturing further afield, the Peak Rider is a godsend. It’s a simple post and cap design that fits inside your backpack to create a mount for your bike that holds it steady on your back while you get the both of you up whatever obstacle is too much to do on two wheels. It’s a beautifully simple design that isn’t what I expected. Born in the steep-ass mountains of Germany by a 28-year old biker, the peak rider solves a problem that there was no current decent solution to, and does it with grace. You can get one for a pledge of about $80 on kickstarter.

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