P-locks price cost kickstarter

If you think about it, there are many situations where you’d like to lock something down, but you’re out in the middle of nowhere or just way out on your own property and don’t have anything to lock it to. The P-locks twist into the ground with the handles lining up so you can attach a lock. Once locked together, you can’t twist the anchors back up so your gear is safe.

Leaving camp for a long time and there are shady characters around? Don’t leave those ATVs, dirt bikes or even mountain bikes at risk. Throw down some P-locks and forget about it. The creator claims it takes 1,700 lbs of upward force and 2,900 lbs of lateral force to pull them up. Even if your soil is significantly different, no one is yanking them out with a winch or vehicle to do the lifting. You can get a pair with a pledge of just $29 on kickstarter.

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