Otterbox Trooper Coolers

Otterbox Soft Cooler Trooper Price

Otterbox is getting into the soft-sided cooler game with a 20 L and 30 L options that look similar to the Yeti Hopper Flip, but with a few differences. The Otterbox 20 has a hard top that is very reminiscent of their phone cases and sports some accessory mounting attachments that make me think we’re going to see a full line of accessories for this cooler soon. I’m thinking they’re going to add lights, speakers, bottle openers, etc. the lid is leak-proof, which considering how well they take care of our phones, I think we all believe 1005. This is no small cooler so you’ll be glad for the 2 in. padded carrying strap if you have it full of beverages and ice. The 30 is just massive. I’m not sure how portable it actually is when fully loaded but can be worn like a backpack to help you shoulder that burden. The 20 is $249 and the 30 is $299. Both are available now.

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