Ohnana Tent

Ohana Tent Price Kickstarter

We’ve all been in a tent in the morning after a long night around the campfire or raging at a festival. The catch is that when the sun comes up, it does its best to burn you out of that tent screaming and flaming. Ohnana set out to solve that problem. Their tent is a double walled naturally cooled highly reflective material that keeps it dark and cool. They say up to 55 degrees cooler than a regular tent. We haven’t tested it, but if that’s true, then this is a game changer tent. It’s not exactly an ultra-light, but it does come with a fan, eye masks that don’t press on your eyeballs, and a lamp. Dark and cool in the morning in a tent? I’m all about that. You can get one for a pledge of just $106.

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