Off-Grid Survival Axe Elite

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite

We got our hands on an Off-Grid Survival Axe and are loving it. Like its big brother the Trucker’s Friend, it is a beastly looking multi-tool axe. We put it through the paces to test out some of the 30 features packed into this little thing. It’s made of hardened and resharpenable 1055 carbon steel with a nearly full tang. It has significant heft with a heavily weighted head end. The axe blade wasn’t terribly sharp as shipped, which isn’t needed for splitting small logs or kindling, which it handled well, but a quick sharpening brought an edge that could do more of the close work. Thanks to a wide choil, I was able to get a good high grip for plenty of control of the main cutting blade.

Next up were the hammerhead and claw. Because of the large head and thick material, there is plenty of force behind each blow without having to work too hard. I drove nails, stakes, generally whacked stuff that needed a little coaxing with no problems. The handle is made out of glass-filled nylon, which is plenty durable, but unfortunately, the front has to be open to allow for the saw blade. This creates some slightly sharp edges that would definitely get uncomfortable if you had to do work with this thing for very long. That said, this tool isn’t meant for that kind of lengthy work, more for emergencies and when you’re in a tight spot. The saw blade that creates that situation is well worth having on board and is a replaceable and locking Milwaukee Sawzall blade that will cut anything you need. The teeth are fine enough to even cut metal. The blade is deployed via a knob on the bottom of the handle that you press in and turn. It’s easy enough to turn but never going to open by accident. Also at the bottom of the handle are a seat belt cutter and glass breaker, which are two more reasons to keep this handy tool in your car. Rounding out the features is a box cutter, that made me feel like a Viking tearing into my Amazon boxes, a pry bar, gas valve shutoff, several hex socket sizes, and a wire twist/nail puller.

At the end of the day, this is a multi-tool, so doesn’t do any of its individual tasks as well as a dedicated tool, but the point is to get the same jobs done without having to carry a toolbox. The Survival Axe Elite does that admirably and is just plain fun to have around and in hand. I recommend it without hesitation. I’ll be keeping mine in the truck near the flashlight and other emergency gear that gets used more for camping and off-roading than emergencies, but if the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, ever comes, I’m reaching for this. You can get one right now on sale for $59, which is well below the $89 regular retail price.

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