Mini Augmented Vision

Mini Augmented Vision Glasses Price Cost

Mini (yes the tiny car co.) has announced a pretty radical product called the Augmented Vision, which are black and gold glasses that you wear while driving and provide an augmented reality view of the road while you’re driving by projecting helpful information at what appears to the wearer to be about 6 feet in front of you. The otherwise clear glasses will be able to display navigation info, messaging, augmented parking, and an x-ray view of the car. Yeah, that’s right x-ray view. This, and the augmented parking view, would essentially use cameras to give you the view through the car looking out to what the camera sees so it would seem like the car is invisible. Pretty cool. You can also get speed, speed limits, and other road info displayed. Sure, these are at the concept stage and won’t be hitting stores any time soon, but  I like where this is headed. There isn’t any mention of pricing, but you can bet it won’t be cheap and will likely only work with Mini and maybe BMW cars.

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