Mefoto Air Travel Tripod

Your backpack is full of gear that ensure you have exactly the type of adventure you sought out to have. When it comes to your own pack, you are the sole person to decide what is a need vs a want. The Mefoto BackPacker Air Tripod is definitely on the want list but can easily be a need if you you’re looking for some pressure. Hey, you never know what you’ll capture on film and it could be life saving in one way or another. Or get you rich when you snap big foot. This tripod functions like most others you’re used to but can also turn into a selfie stick. It weighs 2 pounds and can extend to a maximum height of 59.5 inches then folds down to 10.4 inches so it can fit in most small to medium sized bags. For $125 it comes with a rechargeable bluetooth remote, phone clip, protective case and 5 year warranty. You can get it in a variety of colors but we’re diggin’ the orange.

Get it.