Meddsy First Aid Kit

Meddsy First Aid Kit Price

It may have a cute name and look like a futuristic concept, but Meddsy is a legit first aid kit. Meddsy includes 70 items to cover all major emergencies compiled by travelers, doctors, soldiers, rescue and survival experts. I won’t get into every one of those 70 items, but you can read up on their kickstarter page. The case is broken down into a few major components. The first is the Core, which is a battery bank, flashlight, and even jump starter. The top of Meddsy is where all of the medicines and basic necessities are held. The middle layer holds the stuff for more serious emergencies like Quiklot.┬áThe bottom layer has the jumper cables, charger cables, etc. You can get Meddsy in one of three level, the Basic, Advanced, and Expert. The Basic is what you expect. The Advanced adds medications, and the Expert adds the heavy duty stuff. Pricing goes from $99 to $269 if you’re quick to back the campaign.

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Meddsy First Aid Kit Review