Man Can 128

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How has it taken until now for someone to create a keg that will fit in the door of your fridge? The door. You can convince anyone you share that fridge with to give you a little space on one shelf in the door. Man Can is doubling down on their previously successful 64 oz. to bring us the full gallon sized keg. You might as well start using your growlers for those creepy melted candle things because you won’t have a lot of reason to use them once you have this bad boy in the fridge. With the ability to go with you to the tailgating, campsite, or brewery for a fill up from the tap, the Man Can 128 packs its own tap with CO2 cartridge to keep your brew fresh for weeks. There are a few days left to get yours at the kickstarter only price of $155, then it’s back to retail for $195.

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