Linka Bike Lock

Linka Smart Bike Lock Price Cost

Most bike locks are slight variations of the same thing – some kind of chain or bar that is an arms race for the hardest and thickest metal alloy. That’s why the Linka bike lock caught my attention. The Linka is mounted to your bike frame on the rear fork and rides with you all the time. When you’re ready to lock up, you hit the button and a hardened metal bar completes the circle through your rear wheel keeping it from turning. It even has an accelerometer that blasts out a siren if someone tries to just take the whole thing. At the same time, it will send you a notification your phone through the mobile app that will also show you a map of bike theft reports so you know if you’re leaving it somewhere that bikes get stolen a lot. That same app can be used to detect when you approach and automatically unlock Linka. Slick.

If you still want to lock your bike to something solid, there is a companion chain that can do just that and connect to the Linka. Since it’s mounted to the frame, battery life for this smart device is obviously a concern, but they claim you can go a full year without having to recharge. Nice. The Linka only weighs 1.2 lbs but using the chain will ad another 4.2 lbs, but hey, if you’re using a chain now, it won’t be very different. You can get the Linka for a $99 pledge or the Links with chain for $139. Retail will be $109 and $154.

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