Lil Trucker

Lil Trucker Multitool Price Cost

I usually hate being forced to say ‘lil’, but there’s nothing wimpy about this little brother of the Trucker’s Friend from Innovation Factory that makes tools that Tim would put down his Binford for. Like it’s big brother, Lil Trucker sports a hatchet blade, hook, pry bar, hammer and nail puller but goes several steps further to also include hex wrenches, can opener, gas valve wrench strap cutter, glass breaker, and folding saw in the handle in a package the size of a typical hatchet. At the $99 pledge level on kickstarter you’ll also get a survival companion, which is the size of a harmonica and has a whistle, flint, magnesium tinder bar and blade sharpener that fits in the leather holster with the Lil Trucker. There’s no way this doesn’t meet its campaign goal and deliver on the tool. Innovation Factory is legit. Then there’s the video below. Caution, don’t watch this unless you’re okay with then immediately pledging – you won’t be able to help yourself.

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