LifeStraw Universal

LifeStraws have proven to be a very useful to everyone from the everyday adventurer to the refugee in a new country. They allow you to safely drink water from every source while filtering out over 99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites plus chemicals and chlorine. Now they are making it even easier to use with their universal kit so you can attach the LifeStraw to your water bottle. It comes with the 2-stage filter plus a threaded wide mouth and standard cap, standard and sport mouthpieces, a leakproof lid with loop, and a carry bag. This allows the straw and lid to fit on a wide range of bottles including Hydroflask, Camelbak and Kleen Kanteen. If you have a survival kit, these are must. If you like to improve the taste of your water, these are also a must. If you like to adventure with one less worry, then these are definitely for you. Get a kit for $35 on Amazon. You won’t regret it. 

Get it.