Leif eSnowboard

First of all, this isn’t technically a snowboard. However, it is a great electric skateboard that rides like a snowboard on the pavement. Thanks to a powered third wheel inside of each of the trucks and quick release bindings you aren’t limited to the straight lines of a traditional skateboard. Instead, you can ride it like a snowboard side-slipping, jumping, and generally cruising with the same smooth flow and lean that you’re used to on the snow.

It is available for $1,649 – $1,729 in three sizes (77, 82, and 87 cm) to accomodate different height riders. It can get up to 23 mph. and has a range of 10 miles with the included battery pack or 15 miles if you upgrade. You get a 2 yr warranty and can even choose to finance it with them if you don’t have all that cash right now but need to feel the wind in your face immediately. It is controlled by a remote, which is a bit unfortunate. After getting on a OneWheel, which has set the standard for electric skateboard all-foot control, it’s a bit annoying to have to carry something in your hand, not to mention misplacing it. One major plus is that they are getting their decks from Never Summer, who knows a thing or two about making boards.

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