Key Armory

I thought I’ve seen just about every version of custom key there is, until now. The people at Key Armory are winning at life with their custom key designs. There are ton of different versions available to fit your inner hero but I picked two of my favorites to feature. First is the Kingdom Key: it’s inspired by the legendary keyblade wielded by Sora that is said to grant the ability to seal keyholes leading to other worlds. Second is the Boss Key: it’s inspired by the iconic key used to traverse the deepest dungeons in the Legend of Zelda series and typically makes giant bosses appear on the other side of the door. The keys are made from nickel plated brass and are fairly universal although there’s info available on their website to verify. Get your hands on a couple of these for $12 each and then report back with how much you love the uniqueness of these and the stories you create to go along with them.

Get it.