Jeri-Rigg Tie Down

Jeri-Rigg Strap Price

The way most people tie down their loads in their trucks or elsewhere is dangerously faulty. The Jeri-Rigg tie-downs make it dead simple. It is basically a velcro webbing strap with either a hook or eye loop that wraps around whatever you’re going to strap something to so you have a solid anchor point to connect to. What most of us do is wrap the bungee around something then hook it on itself, which ends in scratched paint or that bungee snapping back halfway through the trip. The Jeri-Rigg is so simple and useful, it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been created before. The eye loop comes in four sizes with the largest able to handle a working load of 3,000 pounds. That’s enough to handle almost anything you want to lift, pull, hold down, etc. Pricing ranges from about $12 – $19 each.

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