iPhone & Apple Watch BatteryPro

The new BatteryPro from Elevation Labs has me thinking of the good ole days when we used to have to carry extra charging cords with us everywhere we went – before power banks were affordable and at every corner store. Not only are they affordable and everywhere, the technology in them is getting better and better which is true for the BatteryPro as well. By now we’re all familiar with how these work so I’ll go right into what makes it unique. The size is similar to an iPhone 7 – it’s sleek and will fit in your back pocket but is also designed to be easy to hold stacked with your phone. There is an integrated magnetic charger that is Mfi certified for your Apple Watch.¬†There’s also a strap on top so you can charge your Apple Watch and secure it down do you can toss the whole thing in your pack without worrying it will come loose. Additionally, you can stand it up so it docks up on your nightstand or next to you in your tent. The¬†8000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery will last you at least 2 weeks of Apple Watch charges and 3 or so days of iPhone use. $99 and it’s yours.

Get it.