iGUANEYE Jungle Barefoot Shoes

iguaneye jungle barefoot sandals

iGUANEYE shoes are a follow up product from a very clever Portuguese company. The shoes are basically sandals that attach to your foot via the heel cup and a big toe sleeve. I haven’t tried these on, but if the heel cup holds, then this seems like a very smart way to hold shoes on your feet. They’re light enough that your big toe wouldn’t get sore and it leaves so much of your foot exposed you can really air out. There are two options (Lux and Light). The Lux has a leather footbed with cork underneath while the Light has EVA foam. The inspiration for the Jungle shoes are Amazonian Indians who used to put rubber straight from rubber trees on their feet to protect them while they tromped through the jungle. You can get a pair of the Light for a pledge of $49 and the Lux for $59.

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