Hyrdo Flask 40 oz

Hydoflask Insulated Bottle PRice

If you’re looking for a rock solid, easy to clean, crazy insulated water bottle, you’re in the right place. The Hydro Flask 40 oz. (it comes in a ton of sizes) kept my water very cold after sitting all day in a truck on a day where the outside temperature hit 120 degrees. No kidding. It had ice in the morning and by 5p it was still ice cold, even though the ice had melted. That’s about as extreme as it gets. Hot beverages stay hot for about half as long, but that’s still a long time. If you’re looking for a standard color scheme, you can get one from REI for $43. If you want custom colors and setup with a sip lid instead of handle, wide mouth or standard, etc., you can order a custom one straight from Hydro Flask for $50.

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