Hilti Cordless Cutoff Saw

Hilti Cordless Cutoff Tool AG 500-A18 Review Price

It used to be that when I broke the Hilti tools out it meant I needed some serious muscle that only came with a strong power cord. Well, the muscle is still there but this cordless cutoff tool cuts the cord and gives you plenty of cutting time and the power to do it in a lithium-ion battery powered small tool that feels like the future of tools. It has a keyless quick-change flange so you don’t have to search for a tool to put the new wheel on and the brushless motors will keep it running for a long time. It comes with Hilti’s lifetime service if anything goes wrong. This tool really steps up the cordless game and will have the other companies trying to fast follow. Home Depot is selling a package with the tool, battery, charger, carrying case and a few cutoff wheels to get you started for $559.

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