goTele Off-Grid Tracking Device

The goTele Off-Grid Tracking Device is exactly what you need for life whether you’re out on adventures or want to make sure your kid has a safe walk home from school. It uses GPS and long range radio technology to keep your location and share it with those who need to know it without using a sim card, data or WiFi. You can also pair it with your phone and keep tabs on each other when you’re exploring and potentially get split up. It can group up to 30 people, which is really amazing and really helpful. A unique feature is the SOS signal that will send to others in your group if needed. Back to that group up to 30 people deep – without cell service needed, you can text and track each other within a 3.1 mile range. For a $79 pledge you can get one for each family member or friend and be ready for some amazing Fall adventures!

Get it.