Gorilla Bow Mobile Fitness Device

We’ve all heard of the benefits of resistance band training. From trainers to physical therapists, the benefits of working out anywhere, not being able to cheat with momentum, and being super light make them a popular option. What’s a little more difficult is setting up the various ways you can use them. The Gorilla Bow fixes that by giving you a long bar to use in a bunch of different ways. You can can pull the bands like a bow and arrow, or flip it around and use the sturdiness the aircraft grade aluminum bar to get a bunch more lifts and exercises. It can lean up against the wall in your office, easily go with you to the beach or park for a workout on the go, or just be added to the home gym. I’ve been using it for a while in the office mostly, to keep the blood flowing and mind sharp while I work. The bands can give you resistance from 5 lbs. to 200 lbs. so it works for everyone. Arms, shoulders, chest, core, legs, it can work it all out. Backing it on kickstarter for as little as $185 will get one shipped to you this summer.

Get it.