Goggle Pal

Goggle Pal Price Cost Augmented Reality Goggles

Solidly one-upping the Ride On AR Goggles, Goggle Pal has created a universal augmented reality insert for any ski/snowboard goggles. Yep, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. With an interface that seems very similar to all of the other AR heads up displays for various applications, including Ride On, you can track a large number of stats like air time, speed, rotation, calories burned and many more.  Strangely, they are coming out of the gate with four different models, Sport, Connect, Play and Play Gold. They basically just stack a feature or two for the extra money, with the Gold just being a color change. Pledges that get you one start at $159.

The device consists of a little case you clip to your goggle strap and a magnetic display that sits inside your goggles. A small magnet holds tight from the outside of the lens to keep the display in place. From the accompanying mobile app, you can play games on the hill with friends, find and communicate with those friends, or just see your stats as if they were floating in front of you. Amazing. My only question is what happens when you eat it hard on a powder day and the display gets smashed into your eye, or, assuming you didn’t just put an eye out (you were right mom…) you might spend some time digging in the snow for the little magnet to hold it in place. Bah, details…

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