Go Bag

GOBAG Vacuum Carry On Bag Price Cost

Yet another product that I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with sooner. The Go Bag is a carry on sized travel bag that includes a vacuum compressible sack so you can fit way more than you normally would be able to in a carry on. That’s a genius concept, but what has likely lead to Go Bag more than tripling their $70k funding goal on kickstarter is that they didn’t just stop with a novel idea. They made a fantastic bag in its own right.

The outside shell is made of just two pieces of TPU coated ballistic nylon with a zipper that runs all the way around the front and side panels so you can open it up completely, no more hunting for something at the bottom. The compression sack can be squeezed down by hand then sealed if your destination doesn’t have a vacuum available. There’s even a secret pocket. Nice touch. It’s quality materials all around and has clever G hooks to attach backpack straps. You can feel the level of detail that has gone into the design of this bag. Need to get your toiletries out quick for the airport security, they’ve thought of that too and provided a clear bag. You can get the whole setup for $203, which is 16% off the already competitive retail price.

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