Ghillie Kettle

Let me introduce you to the Ghillie Kettle. There are a few simple, different parts to the kettle that combined make it genius. Let’s start with the bottom of the kettle – you can use twigs, paper, dry leaves etc. to start the fire, no need for gas or other fuels. It then acts as a chimney through the middle of the kettle to head the water that goes into the spout. This design allows water to boil in 3-5 minutes. What takes this kettle to the next level is the cap that has a whistle on it to let you know when the water is boiling.

This particular version is 1.5 liters which holds about 6 large cups of water. It stands 12″ tall with a weight of 2.2 lbs. It’s made of anodized aluminum. It comes with the pot support, cook kit, triangular base stand and a pack with a drawstring so you really get all the necessities. It’s well made and a great companion for wherever life takes you. You can pre-order now for $146 and expect it later this year or early next.

Get it.