Garmin Virb Action Camera

Garmin Virb Price Cost Action Camera

Garmin has come into the action camera market with some nice features and a solid camera. The new Virb is available in two models – the X and XE for $299 and $399 respectively. These cameras are water/dust/shock/etc. proof without an extra case. The XE is the way to go because it takes better video (1080p/60fps), image stabilization and a few other features that the X inexplicably doesn’t have.

What really makes the Virb special though is that it records data about its use that you can overlay on the video synced to the action. It’s no basic steps tracker either. The stats it tracks and can show (some through connection with other Garmin devices) include: speed, distance, heart rate, bike speed, pedaling cadence, wind angle, wind speed, elevation, temperature, engine RPM, and more. Sure, most of those require additional devices, but it’s not even an option with a GoPro. I’m skeptical that these can withstand some of the videos I’ve seen of GoPros taking some serious falls (10,000 feet from a skydiver who dropped it!), but time and the internet will tell.

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