Fogo Flashlight GPS Walkie Talkie and More

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This flashlight does so many things it doesn’t even seem right to call it just a flashlight. It is a multi-purpose GPS device, digital walkie talkie, pedometer, advanced bike computer, backup USB charger and off-grid messaging device (with other Fogos). That’s awesome enough, but it’s just the beginning with an incredible never ending Taco Town style list of features I almost can’t believe it’s real.

The flashlight knows if you’re pointing it at the ground or up higher and adjusts the brightness accordingly. When mounted (via GoPro or Garmin Edge mount) on your bike it knows if you crash and can send out a message. Riding late? It turns on when it gets dark and adjusts brightness based on your speed. If you’re on a multi-day backpacking trip it automatically goes into a battery saving mode turning on every now and then to log a location so you and others know where you are. If you aren’t sure which way is home the flashlight will lead you there by blinking when you veer off course. With so much tech in this thing you might be worried about damaging it, but it’s also water and shock proof.

Check out the tables below for more features. My first response is to be amazed that three dudes can create something that blows away so much of what the big companies put out, but then I remember that that the folks in the garage next door are the only way we get cool stuff like this. $199 gets you all the bells and whistles.

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Fogo Flashlight GPS Walkie Talkie Price Cost

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