FMS Stainless Steel Multi Tool

It’s no secret we at Upscout love our multi-functioning edc gear. We’d like to welcome the FMS Stainless Steel Multi Tool to our category as well. At 6.3″ in total length and weighing just under a lb, it’s a decent size tool that will come in handy exactly when you need it. There are 13 uses for this bad boy including a saw, Phillips screwdriver, straight screwdriver, flat hammer, bottle opener, fork for hook, conical hammer, knife, wrench, wire cutter, pliers, flat-nose plier, and files. It has all the necessities for emergency situation while out on an adventure in the forest or on a road trip. it definitely cannot replace your regular tools, but it’s a nice mini-toolbox to have with you. It’s $16 so it’s one of those things you should order a couple of so you will always have one when you need it.

Get it.