Fitly Runner’s Minimalist Backpack

Fitly Runners Minimalist Backpack

Fitly is running a kickstarter campaign for their minimalist runner’s backpack that is the slimmest and most useful I’ve seen. For such a tiny ultra-light pack, the feature set is deep and includes Cordura fabric, magnetic lock system, safety reflectors, large main pocket with non-bouncy phone storage, silent zippers, water resistance, ultra-wicking material, and pockets all over for the bits and bobs you need to bring with you. It’s small enough that a waist strap is far below where this stops. Instead, there is a thoracic band that goes just under your chest and has another couple of pockets. They say the X-shape keeps it from bouncing and keeps everything snug to your body. We haven’t tested one, but it’s pretty clear this is a great design. You can put one in your kit for an early-bird pledge of $69 if you’re quick or pay the $79 if those run out.

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