Perfect example of something being reinvented that we didn’t know needed reinventing but turns out to be very useful. The Firewaall has a very self explanatory name: it holds fire upright in a wall-form. This unique design lifts your fire off the ground which can be extremely helpful in situations like the image we used – on ice. The design also allows for gravity to compact the wood down and let air in to give a cleaner burn. It’s built by a Canadian company after seeing bushcrafters build something similar to reflect heat towards them rather than lose heat that rises up from the fire on the ground. It’s made of 3/32″ laser cut, folded stainless steel and weighs in at only 4.5 lbs and is 13 x 13.5 inches so it’s pretty transportable. Get one for $80 and reach a whole new level of outdoorsman (at least appear that way to onlookers of your fire).

Get it.