EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat

Cold weather can’t keep you from having the adventure of a life! It can however prevent you from getting a good night’s rest when you’re shaking in your socks. The EURO Blackcan Heat Camping Mat is here to change that. It will keep your sleeping spot warm at around 86 degrees in temperatures up to -87 degrees. Call me crazy but my cut off low temperature is about 20 degrees. The mat uses an automatic hot water heating system without other power sources to give you a controlled warmth for 10 hours with a 230g butane gas canister and over 24 hours with a 265g propane gas canister. The overall weight is 6.4 lbs and it packs up fairly small so you can literally take it with you anywhere. $390 doesn’t seem to bad for a warm night’s rest. 

Get it.