Ding Dong Breaching Tool

Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool

Still sleeping with your t-ball bat under your bed at night? You might not need to be breaking down doors in a back corner of Afghanistan or raiding meth houses, but this bad boy will definitely keep intruders from noticing your shaking knees and have them thinking twice about robbing you to make off with your big screen and star wars collection. This behemoth from the famous blade and gear co. Gerber is packing and enlarged head, like you always wanted, pry bar for entering…er, escaping, fiberglass handle so you look like you can lift more than you can, and a molle compatible mounting plate with quick snap access. Comes with a Lifetime warranty and is made right in the U.S.A.  Are still reading? For $250 you need to pick one up!

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