dBuds Adjustable Earplugs

dBubds adjustable volume earplugs

Until now, ear plugs have always been foam or some kind of rubber/plastic substance that just blocks as much sound as possible. The problem with that is it muffles speech and music that you may want to hear over the din of surrounding noise. This makes it difficult for musicians, DJs, event staff and a bunch of other people to use plugs even though they’re risking their hearing. dBuds are here to save their day and hearing. dBuds are adjustable¬†ear plugs that let you choose how much sound to filter. Keyword there is filter. It doesn’t just block the noise, it selectively filters frequencies you probably don’t want to hear and lowers the volume on the sounds you do want to hear without garbling and muffling them. We haven’t tested them out, but the science makes some sense and the technology exists. The good news is that a set that includes the buds, a leash, case, and multiple tips sizes will only cost you $54 on their Indiegogo campaign.

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