D3 Traveller Bag

Discretion is king when traveling abroad. You don’t want a flashy bag that says come steal me or make me bribe you with tons of money I obviously have. No, you want something low-key and high quality but that doesn’t cream money. The D3 Traveller bag is a great under the radar travel bag option. It is made from SDRT Grade Dyneema fabric that is twice as strong as Kevlar but lighter. The D3 is actually two bags in one. The exterior shell looks old and wrinkled (after just a few months of travel) and is actually larger than the interior by enough to make the bag always look a bit empty, even when it’s packed full. No matter how much you pack it, it will always look like it’s been more or less discarded. That’s far less likely to attract thieves and authorities. The material is waterproof and the zippers are weather resistant, so it’s ready to go where you do. When completely empty, it packs up to about the size of a small sweater. If you get in early, you can get Pamir mountain stones for zipper pulls, which is a nice touch. Don’t let the ratty exterior and lack of charging ports, etc. to fool you though, this is not a cheap bag. This bag will cost you $745 and comes in either black or raw finish. Ouch. It is small enough to fit in the overhead on a plane or even under the seat in front of you. The handles are designed to conceal the load no matter how full it is. Carry it any of several ways, none of which will give away the contents. I’m pretty sure the first several went to James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Tier 1 operators, or something like that.

Get it.