Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoe

Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoes Price

Crescent Moon is taking a left turn to seriously innovate the snowshoe world with their new all foam snowshoes. If these things work like they say they will and the short video shows them working, then this could be the new trend that a ton of other companies follow. The benefits would be many including, significantly lighter weight and no sharp or hard parts to cut up or damage your other equipment. The shoes are made of dual-density EVA soles and a steep rocker shape with tire-tread-like lugs for solid traction on even hard pack and ice. They measure 23 in. by 8 in. wide and connects with a hook and loop (can we just call it Velcro?) binding that is also soft and packable. For real, this could be a major shift in the market that I’m excited to try out. They¬†will be $149 when they become available in fall of 2017, which is a long time from now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a competitor announce something similar well before then.

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