Bulletproof Origami Shield

Engineers at BYU designed and built a bulletproof origami shield to help protect the very brave men and women who work each day to help keep us safe while we live our wonderful lives. I can’t even imagine the stress and shear terror that police officers have to face daily – which is why I’m not in law enforcement. This ballistic barrier has 12 layers of kevlar that allow the shield to protect whoever is behind it from 9 mm, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum pistol bullets, among others. It folds up easily to stow in your trunk and deploys quickly and effortlessly while weighing in at only 55 lbs. BYU worked with agents, SWAT teams and law enforcement to help solve the issue of clunky protective gear and are confident this shield does just that. It’s just in prototype form right now but something this great is sure to be used by the masses at some point. Learn more about it in the link and video below and then thank an officer.


Get it.