BUFF-UP Home Workout Board

The BUFF-UP Home Workout Board is a unique take on a workout system designed to keep you engaged and using it so you can reach your fitness goals. The snowboard looking device pairs with a pretty useful looking app to give you a quick, full body workout that includes balance, core and weight training. The workouts shown in the video are ones I enjoy doing already so it will also be a fun workout when paired with the proper music playlist. A $160 pledge gets you the board, a spring board, resistance bands, sensors to track your balance and even the ability to use with video games. While I don’t envision this replacing my main workout routines, I do envision it being a useful tool to bring with me on certain trips like tiny home adventures or cabin stays. If this interests you, act fast as the Kickstarter campaign is ending soon and not quite yet at it’s funding goal.

Get it.