Bramble Outdoor Camp Towel

To my fellow lovers of super useful products that look even cooler – let me introduce you to the Bramble Outdoor Camp Towel. These magical water absorbers are very versatile and will quickly become your best friend. This line of towels are inspired by the American Southwest, somewhere near and dear to our hearts here at the Upscout. Our backyard is filled with amazing adventures – the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, the Colorado River, the Joshua Tree Forest, beaches not too far away, lakes for days… you get the point. The designs are vibrant and embody the Southwest vibes. They are made of a quick drying microfiber blend that is made with 30% recycled fabric. It measures 31.5 in x 51 in with an overall weight of 8oz. Fold it, wear it, pack it – whatever you do, just get outdoors and enjoy! Pick one of the 6 designs for $35 or a 3-pack for $90.

Get it.