Bit Bar EDC Screwdriver

Joe Huang and Chadwick Parker of Big Idea Design are out with another great product. It’s called the Bit Bar and it is the universal screwdriver reimagined as a handy pocket friendly piece of EDC. Coming in at about the size of a pocket knife, the Bit Bar holds up to 8 standard 1/4 in. hex bits. It comes with 8, but you’re able to swap for whatever custom bits you might need. The bits store inside the handle and pop out to fit in a slot when needed. Optional accessories include a ratchet, leather cases, extension and black oxide bits. I expect to see these popping up in a lot of EDC pics all over. You can get the standard glass reinforced nylon version for a $50 pledge and the titanium for $100. Deluxe versions with the accessories go up from there.

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