Bison Roll Up Camping Grill

Roll up tables changed the game for car campers everywhere. They’re easy to transport, to set up and rock solid once locked in place. Why not use a similar setup for other things? In this case, it’s a camp grill. Genius. Set up it measures about 10 in. by 12 in. but rolls up to about 2 in. by 12 in. It stores in a simple sleeve. To set it up, you just pull it out, unroll, slip on the ends, and pop on the legs, which are adjustable to get the height in the right place for the heat from the coals or fire to be perfect. Even if you don’t need the stand, it can be used on top of that nasty built-in grill at the campground so you have a grill at a great height without having to detox it from the millions of other people who’ve used it for god knows what, or put it out with god knows what. Come to think of it, this grill might save you life, or at least your trip. Get one shipped out to you this summer for a $49 pledge.

Get it.