Biolite FirePit

BioLite FIrepit Price

Biolite is expanding their line of fire burning device charging entertainment pieces with the FirePit. It’s a 27 in. by 13 in. mini grill and fire pit with some features that make it stand out from a growing crowd. It can burn charcoal for a cookout then wood for a campfire. The FirePit is ensconced in what BioLite is calling X-Ray so you can see into the fire without having to stare over the burning flames. What’s more interesting though is the air injection system that is a series of air jet tubes powered by a fan that pulls air in then blows it across the entire fire keeping it burning hot without making smoke. You can adjust the rate of flow to get more or less burn out of your fire. Oh yeah, it also still charges all of your devices. If you back it on their kickstarterĀ ($199), you also get a solar charging carry case that will boost the battery when not in use.

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