Barebones Living Ultimate Tool

The Barebones Living Ultimate Tool will replace several tools you regularly use and really can end up being your go-to for so many things. The stainless steel, full tang blade is heat treated making it great for digging and shoveling and obviously cutting. There is a knife side and serrated side. Towards the handle there is a lip that can be used as a twine cutter and bottle opener. The handle has a ergonomic design made of bamboo that fits comfortably in your hand no matter what your grip on it is. There is a tempered steel and flat pommel steel base to give you that hard spot when needed. Rounding out the features, there is a durable fabric and reinforced lined sheath so you can carry and use this bad boy from the garden to the campsite. Get one for $40 for yourself or even your Dad for the upcoming holidays. 

Get it.