Atom6 Indoor Paintballs

Atomic Pickle Atomic6 Paintballs Price

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to almost physically hold my trigger finger back from firing off a few rounds inside. It’s just so tempting. Airsoft isn’t as fun – no judgment. With the Atom6 paintballs you can hold that trigger down in full auto inside without worry. Toss those Nerf guns and fill your hopper with these soft hole filled little plastic balls so you can go to town on the unwitting (but eye protected) friends/roommates/coworkers. You do have to use a hopper, but otherwise can pretty much swap these in your regular gun. Because they are fired with high velocity but have low mass, they are fast and accurate but don’t risk breaking a bunch of your (or others’) stuff. A box of 100 will run you $40 as a pledge on their Indiegogo, which is a great deal considering they are reusable.

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