AMABILIS Responder Tactical Outerwear

AMABILIS Responder Tactical Jacket

AMABILIS has been on our radar since they released the DAVE Jr. duffle┬ábag, and now they are launching what looks like an awesome line called Responder Tactical Outerwear. The line consists of a kickass jacket and performance hoody. As soon as we get out hands on┬ásamples to test, we’ll do a full review, but for now, you need to zip over to their campaign and pledge $110 (hoody) or $259 (jacket) to make sure you get one of the first run of the line. Why? One of the biggest reasons is they stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty. The second reason is they are using an innovative .5 fit system that lets you order half sizes. For folks who never quite fit the standard sizes, that’s everything.

On top of all of that, these are sharp looking pieces that incorporate great features like 10-plus pockets, abrasion protection, reinforcement points, water-repellency, military grade materials, stretch fleece, and more. They’re also both machine washable and dryable. Go back this campaign, then check back for the full review to find out just how much you’re going to love it when it shows up at your door. Do I sound optimistic about these pieces? That’s because I am.

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